Toronto Gathering Praises the Role of Women in Struggle for Freedom

Thanks to BHRC Canada for participating the international Women day and high lighting the Baloch Issues

Baluch Sarmachar

International Women’s Day Observed by Baloch, Ahwazis, Azeris and Turkomans:

Toronto: A joint session of Baloch, Ahwazi Arabs, South Azerbaijanis and Turkomans observed the International Women’s Day to emphasize the growing role of women in the struggles for social justice, equality and national emancipation of oppressed nations of the world.

Speakers belonging to Baloch, Ahwazi, Azeri and Turkoman communities paid rich tribute to women who are in the forefront to end gender bias, violence, discrimination and inequality in the world as well as in Canada regarding aboriginal women.

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About Baloch Rights Council

BALOCH RIGHTS COUNCIL Is Community base Social Organization, Established on March,14th,2004, Since then B.R.C Working on Human Rights violations, Enforced Disappearance, Illegal Abduction, Extra-Judicial Killing, and filling the Missing Persons Cases in Sindh and Baluchistan High courts. B.R.C provide the Legal Aid to Missing & Abducted Persons and data to The Human Rights Commission Pakistan & other international Human Rights organizations. To arranged the demonstrations, Rallies, Hunger strike Camps, Seminar's at Karachi.
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