The Life & Times of Legendary Baloch Hero Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti


Shawn Forbes

On July 12th 1927 a Legendary Baloch Leader was born in Barkhan, Balochistan; Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti s/o Mehrab Khan Bugti and grandson of Shabaz Khan Bugti.  Despite opportunity to live a high & glorious life of luxury, Akbar Khan Bugti chose to live the hard life in the mountains, sacrificing everything for the sake of the Baloch Nation.  In spite of his age, he had the heart of a lion, and bravely fought the Occupational State until his dying breath.  Nawab Akhbar Khan Bugti has inspired the entire Baloch Nation to rise up and demand freedom from tyranny and oppression.

As a child Akbar Bugti eagerly dedicated himself to the pursuit of education.  After receiving his primary education in his native Dera Bugti, Akbar Bugti later went on to obtain a higher education at the University in London.

When Akbar Bugti was only 13 years old his father…

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About Baloch Rights Council

BALOCH RIGHTS COUNCIL Is Community base Social Organization, Established on March,14th,2004, Since then B.R.C Working on Human Rights violations, Enforced Disappearance, Illegal Abduction, Extra-Judicial Killing, and filling the Missing Persons Cases in Sindh and Baluchistan High courts. B.R.C provide the Legal Aid to Missing & Abducted Persons and data to The Human Rights Commission Pakistan & other international Human Rights organizations. To arranged the demonstrations, Rallies, Hunger strike Camps, Seminar's at Karachi.
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